Moonshadow Mix (Pty) Ltd was set up in May 2015 by Claire Flanagan, to:
  • manufacture and distribute eclipse viewers;
  • provide locally-relevant astronomy information;
  • provide astronomy education services.

  • Current services include:
  • astronomy talks;
  • astronomy-related proof-reading & research for media organisations.

  • Claire Flanagan is a South African astronomer who:
  • worked as astronomer, observing pulsars, at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory [1982 - 1995];
  • obtained a PhD in Physics from Rhodes University for the above work [1996];
  • directed the Johannesburg Planetarium at Wits University [1996 - 2015];
  • left the Planetarium in Feb 2015, when the post of director was made redundant;
  • is a member of IAU, SAASTEC, ASSA (Jhb).

  • Claire Flanagan